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If you would like more information about functions or want to make a booking please get in touch* 


phone: 039435980

Our platters are a combination of goodies from chef’s Taste Plates Menu for $45 a platter.

Our sample menu is a standard mix that’s really popular with our locals and gives you an idea of what we can offer.

Chef is also more than happy to discuss any other options from our taste plates menu (attached) which he can then coordinate into platters to suit your occasion.

Vespa Platter*

  • Salt & Pepper Squid with garlic aioli
  • Warmed Marinated Olives & ciabatta
  • Corn Fritters(v) w caramalised onion, sundried tomato & spinach
  • Beer battered Cajun Shrimp with Chipotle and Avocado
  • Jin's Fried Chicken - Korean Style
  • Whitefish Beer Tempura Tacos with Corn Sals

* sample